Travel Pillow

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Finally, In-Flight Comfort

Coming soon, AR & Co.'s own patent pending MiddleSleeper™ travel pillow! It will be available for purchase by mid - 2024. Sign up to be the first to know when it is commercially available, by clicking here and signing up to be on our email announcement list. MiddleSleeper™ travel pillows are designed to help you sleep when you get stuck in the middle seat of a long-haul coach flight. You'll love the comfort and the support that it provides. Taking it along is easy, it can be conveniently carried on your shoulder, in a small bag or hung from your suitcase handle. And, it is slim enough to fit in your carry-on. At home you can use your washing machine and dryer to clean the removable chin cover. We are so excited to present this to the travel world, stay tuned!