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Founded in 2002 and based in Paso Robles, California, AR & Company PR & Marketing has existing customers in San Luis Obispo county as well as across the United States. Previously a staff of seven, now a staff of two, AR & Company customers enjoy professional services in the areas of website development, organic search engine optimization, online marketing, graphic design, promotional items, and public relations services. AR & Company currently services only existing customers.

Angela Robinson - Platz
President and Founder

Robinson - Platz is a consummate professional and founded her company on the principles of hard work, dedication, loyalty, high ethical standards and creativity. Over the years she has worked for an interesting variety of industries.

Robinson - Platz holds a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice administration from San Jose State University. Growing up, she studied agriculture in 4-H and at Salinas High School and from there explored astronomy and general education courses at Hartnell College. After high school, family ties led her to San Luis Obispo county. While living with her maternal grandparents, she relished in courses in World Religions, Journalism, Mass Media and Television Production at Cuesta College. At times working up to 3 jobs to put herself through college, Robinson – Platz transferred from Cuesta College to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and studied Ag Journalism. As things go, her interests changed and she switched majors after arriving at San Jose State University to finish her degree in Journalism.

Community service and philanthropy are integral to Robinson - Platz. She is a Past President of the Paso Robles Lions Club; the second woman ever to join the club and the first female president in the history of the male dominated club. Concurrently she elevated her service and served as the Lions District 4-A3 Region L Chairperson for 2 years. Prior to that, in 2008, she was awarded Lion of The Year, the first woman ever to receive the award. According to the late Lion Dave Simpson, "She was voted Lion of the Year because of her dedication to the core humanitarian values held by the Lions Club organization such as generosity, and concern for others less fortunate." Previous volunteer work included serving as the chairperson of the board of directors for a local children’s non-profit organization for 3 years and serving as a court appointed special advocate for children removed from their homes (CASA) for one year. Today, Robinson – Platz dedicates her philanthropic desires to donating monthly to the charities that she cares about as well as volunteering as a member of Lioness Club of Cayucos, CA.

Robinson - Platz has been a San Luis Obispo County resident for more than 40 years. Her passions include traveling, reading, self-improvement, real estate and spending as much time as possible outdoors.

Alexandra Lily Swanston
Creative Writer

Alexandra Lily Swanston, also known as “Lexi,” was born into a large, family. She was raised around cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas and extended family. After graduating from Salinas High School, she studied Forensic Psychology at Monterey Peninsula College and Film Arts at Cuesta College. During that time, she started working in the hospitality industry and later as a Marketing Assistant for AR & Company.

Throughout the years, she worked various jobs and dabbled in the field of art painting with acrylics; following in her Grandma Coco’s footsteps. Her creative flare continued when she was hired a second time to be a Creative Writer for AR & Company. Here she has flourished, researching and writing articles about health and wellness for the AR & Company blog: WhosDrivingThisHorse.com. In her spare time Lexi is writing a memoir about her recent life experiences and studying to become a rehabilitation counselor.

Brandon Pettis
Website Designer and Developer

2016 - Brandon got into technology in 8th grade at Templeton Middle School. Besides fooling around and pranking his teacher’s computer right before class he excelled in Microsoft Office, Macromedia Dreamweaver (it is now called Adobe Dreamweaver), and analyzing code in general. During his high school years at Templeton High School he continued to invest time on his own researching and learning about the Wizarding World of the Web. Drawn to exploiting video game glitches, also known as glitch to win, he decided to join a group of students at the school who ran a Vbulletin forum. In the group Brandon landed a contracting job with an older student/roommate his senior year where he made his first website heritagelongboards.com. After numerous sites, trial and error, he now works at AR & Company as website designer and developer. He continues to learn about web development in this fast pace and growing environment.

2019 - After three years of working at AR & Company, Brandon has carved skills into numerous areas. One of his biggest tasks was learning about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance so that he could adjust multiple sites to be ADA compliant. Brandon strives to provide web services to all Americans with their unique disabilities; whether it be hard of seeing, hearing or lacking motor control functions. Another task which he continues to strive for is organic SEO using meta data that help search engines discover and promote websites that their bots crawl on. He has slowly been learning schema markup to increase the detail of information that search engines receive as they crawl over the websites. Lastly Brandon has been learning about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that the EU has established. He believes that any user viewing a website has a right to their own information. He takes privacy with the utmost importance and has learned how to ask for the least amount of information when required. You can rest assured that the user's data they share is kept securely and is always under control of the user.

2021 - Well that was an interesting couple of years. During the pandemic technology has been stretched to its limits. With a large percentage of employees working from home we saw huge dependence on mobile and cloud base applications. Two of the biggest takeaways for me during this time were: redundancy and security. Getting things done in 2020 was much slower than previous years and the pace has hardly picked up in 2021. Outages will always happen so with redundancy we can ease outages and poor situations. We saw security playing a major role in the lives of businesses especially from WFH employees. Zoom had major issues but was quickly resolved. Lot’s of cloud base breaches occurred one being Microsoft 365 which affected lot’s of services. I have been striving to educate people on good practices. We as users must do our job to protect against malicious people.